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3D-Glassing™ Triple-X



Our surfboard construction is based on our patented 3D-Glassing™ and lamination process. This unique 3-dimensional bonding structure is used to glass all our surfboards, which multiplies the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. Delamination is eliminated by anchoring the laminate into the foam core, creating a board with superior performance and responsiveness. All Hydroflex boards are made with epoxy resin for a natural and lively feel. Epoxy resin is a lighter and stronger resin compared to standard polyester resin and allows for twice the flex before cracking. The other benefit of Epoxy resin is the molecules will not break down over time. This process gives you the highest strength to weight ratio available and is coupled with excellent flex characteristics, as well as completely customizable shapes and glassing.

This process was developed in Germany after years of research by surfer and shaper, Bufo. With the idea of plant structure in mind, he engineered this process to produce high-performance surfboards with proven flex characteristics. Every board that leaves our factory comes with 3D-Glassing™. Watch the video to check out what's in our surfboards.


3D-Glassing™ Team



TRIPLE X glassing uses standard Hydroflex 3D-lamination glassing and vacuum bagging technology with an additional bonus.  A double layer of the German-engineered glassing, combined with epoxy construction, produces a board that is the same weight of standard boards on the market but with the added benefit of a stronger construction.  The quality and durability of our boards is supported by the use of certified glass material on all Hydroflex premium-glass engineered models.




APEX glassing applies Hydroflex 3D-lamination glassing and vacuum bagging technology to present our ‘standard’ builder construction used on every stocker board we produce. The new Apex model boasts optimal glassing for strength-to-weight ratio demands of the every day rider. These boards present the best of both worlds - surfers looking for a high strength board combined with the lightness for high-performance.




TEAM glassing is the lightest option on the market.  Unparalleled in the industry for lightest weight of board, Hydroflex uses epoxy construction in order to create extremely light boards for maximum performance.  Using Hydroflex technology 3D-lamination glassing and vacuum bagging, these boards impress with their light airiness while still maintaining an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.



• Heaps of pop & lively feel
• Longer lasting flex patterns
• Eliminates delamination
• 100% customizable
• Highest strength-to-weight ratio
• High quality materials
• Optimized reinforcement solution
• Vacuum processed for maximum strength
• Superior performance and responsiveness
• Doesn‘t feel rigid or hard
• Multi-Award winning
• Tested by Pro Surfers

3D-Glassing™ Check out what's in every Hydroflex Surfboard



You can also choose your removable fin system, FCS or Futures, or even glass on fins if you prefer. One way of customizing your fins is by adding extra fin plugs to the set up. 5 fin plugs instead of 3 for example, can give you the option of riding your board as a standard 3 fin thruster or as a quad. It's a simple way to give your board a bigger range of performance.


"The future is here ...with the rise of Hydroflex Surfboards, a company
that has developed  a strong lamination bonding process. It is amazing
what can come out of great intelligence, a bit of ingenuity, and a large
dose of thinking outside of the surfing box. "
(Transworld Business)




When you order a custom surfboard with Hydroflex Technology now have the opportunity to choose custom resin tints to make your surfboard truly custom and stand out from the rest.



All models ordered in the Hydroflex Natural Construction can be customized with the swirl colored foam or standard white. Part of our 100% customizable options. We also offer many other customizable foam options. Each of our boards can be made with PU Foam, EPS Foam (stringered or stringerless), InCide Foam, INT and XPS. We offer carbon patches throughout the board as well.



Every dimension on the board can be changed to suit your height, weight and ability. Most often customers take the shapers standard dimensions and tweak them a little, but it is also possible to make your own design with alterations to the width, length and thickness.


Handcrafted to your specification